WP-MLM Settings

How To Setup WP-MLM

Getting Started

  1. Go to “Settings” tab in the WP-MLM administration panel located under the “WP-MLM” section in your WordPress back office
    1. Enter your license key
    2. Save settings
    3. Set all settings referring to notes in each section
  2. Go to “Recruiting Dashboard” and set your link for the opportunity you are promoting
  3. Go to “Settings” in your WordPress back office and click on the “General” tab
    1. Select anyone can register and save settings
  4. Click on the “Permalinks” tab under “Settings in your WordPress back office
    1. Choose any permalink structure except the “default” setting.  (We like to use /%postname%/ however you are free to use any structure other than the default.)
  5. Watch this video to learn how to set up your links and matrix settings.
  6. DONE!

Now your WP-MLM plugin is set up 100%, go create the content for your site and start promoting your business!

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