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NEW FEATURE! - Run Your Own MLM!

WP-MLM now integrates with the Affiliates Plugins by, allowing you to run your own simple matrix MLM program to sell products and services on your site.

Updated video showing this integration is in process and will be released this next week!

With WP-MLM You LEVERAGE The Online Marketing of Your Team to Create VIRAL GROWTH For ANY Business Using a Forced Matrix Recruiting System!

Now Run Your Own MLM! WP-MLM Integrates With Affiliates Plugins by!

WP-MLM For Online MLM Recruiting…

Using the WP-MLM plugin for WordPress allows your site members to send traffic to your MLM recruiting site using their referral links, this creates hundreds and eventually tens of thousands of links pointing to your MLM recruiting site for your business. Search engines absolutely love back links and will start ranking your site higher in online searches, which will drive more traffic and new MLM recruits to your business.

Now you can truly duplicate your efforts, your entire team will have ONE MLM recruiting website to promote and all the traffic to that site will be placed into your matrix to structure how your team is built in your business opportunity, even if the opportunity you are recruiting for doesn’t use a matrix for it’s compensation plan! (IMPORTANT! All natural search engine traffic is randomly placed into the matrix to build your organization! OR you can choose to have it placed in the downline of a specific user or multiple users!)

The WP-MLM Plugin For WordPress Will Change How You MLM Recruit Online Forever…

You can design a killer website easily using WordPress and let the WP-MLM plugin turn it into a forced matrix MLM recruiting system for your team in 5 minutes, using any theme you desire! You can use ANY WordPress theme with WP-MLM, so the possibilities are truly endless!

Getting A Site Started Is Easy…

You simply create compelling content for your MLM recruiting website explaining how your site builds a downline for your users using a forced matrix and about the opportunity you are promoting, then let WP-MLM start recruiting your downline for you in your business opportunity… It really is that simple!

A Few Testimonials

Hello, I recently purchased your software and I love it. Thank you very much for creating it. I searched high and low for a team solutions and you have provided way more than I expected. Originally I searched for a downline building solution that was already put together, but when I ran across your software, I knew nothing else would compare and that this platform provided endless possibilities :)Jewel B

Wow Rick thanks a ton…I really appreciate all the work you do for this plugin! Best support everMatthew L

BTW….. WP-MLM ROCKS!!!!!!Hishaam J


The Difference Between a Matrix Built For a Network Marketing Company And a Matrix Built For a Rep…

I think it is important to distinguish the difference between a matrix for a network marketing company and a matrix for building a representative’s downline.

A Company Matrix

A company matrix is inherently designed to favor the company when it comes to compensation, the income the company makes is the most important factor overall. Again, this is why they require representative to sign up a certain number of new reps in order to be qualified for commissions.You ever wonder why your compensation plan usually has a requirement to personally recruit a specific number of front level reps to get paid deeper in your organization, level 6 compensation is a common break away level because of the sheer number of people who you would be qualified to earn commissions on.

Knowing that the average network marketer only recruits 2.5 new members, most network marketing companies have a requirement of 3 or more to be qualified to earn commissions and then even more to earn commissions deeper in your organization.

A Representative Recruiting Matrix

A representative recruiting matrix, like what WP-MLM creates, is 100% in favor of the representatives, in fact if you set up your matrix correctly, you can literally EXPLOIT your compensation plan and put big bucks in your pocket for once.. Any rep who uses this system to build their sales organization will receive overflow from the matrix, even if they haven’t personally recruited any new reps, they will be given credit in the opportunity as if they had, because the matrix will give our their link to the opportunity for new reps to sign up with.

That is the power of recruiting using WP-MLM. Using this system gives even the most inexperienced recruiter the ability to develop a downline and make huge checks in any opportunity.

The reason why this works so well is we allow every user to have their team built and give them personal recruits in the opportunity when a new member is placed front level in the matrix to you, unlike a ‘company matrix’ our system wants you and your team to get qualified to earn commissions! Now you can turn things around and leverage you and your team’s efforts so that it is easier to build your team and earn big fat checks in MLM.

WP-MLM Plugin Requirements

  • Web Hosting
    • (cPanel/Linux Server recommended as WordPress would require several tweaks on a Windows server to run properly, i.e. permalink structure)
  • WordPress 3.8 or newer powering your website (tested to 4.0.*), with ability to add plugins as Admin.

WP-MLM Plugin Features


  • Integrates with Affiliates Plugins by, now allowing  you to run your own simple Matrix MLM program and pay your members to sell your products and services on your site!
    • Additional integration of other affiliate sales tracking software to be added based on client demand.

Key Features

  • Promote up to TEN opportunities with just one website!
  • Turns your WordPress powered site into an automated viral forced matrix recruiting system for any online business!
  • Works with BuddyPress, Wishlist Member and S2Member, etc!
  • Gives referral links to all members of your site to track new registrations on your recruiting site and place potential new recruits in the matrix!
  • Forced matrix system actually gives you and your team personal front level sign ups in your business opportunity so your users get qualified, even if they don’t refer a single person to the recruiting site!
  • Ability to hide where the traffic you send to the opportunity you are promoting is coming from, if desired!
  • Custom welcome emails and up-line emails!
  • Language Translation Ready!


  • [wpmlm_display_referrer]: Shows which member referred a new user to the site and welcome message after logging into the site.
  • [wpmlm_dashboard]: Displays all the opportunities and a user’s members below them.
  • [wpmlm_sponsor_link opp=”1″]: Allows you to show each opportunity link for signing up where you want to create your own custom layouts.
  • [wpmlm_save_user_link opp=”1″]: To save a users personal id for a specific opportunity.
  • [wpmlm_referral_link]: Shows a logged in users referral link to the site.
  • [wpmlm_matrix]: Shows a logged in user’s number of personally referred signups to the site and the members of their matrix.
  • More to come!

Matrix Settings

  • Set initial matrix width.
  • Set maximum matrix width.
  • Set number of new registrations a user needs for additional front level recruits in the matrix.

I hope you noticed something REALLY important above…

WP-MLM is an “expanding” forced matrix system!


  • You set initial width of matrix to 3.
  • You set maximum with of matrix to 10.
  • You set required referrals to 3.

(All settings above can be set to any numeric value.)

Now when users sign up the system will automatically build their first three legs for them, even if they don’t refer a single person to your MLM recruiting site. This makes your MLM recruiting site really appealing to those who are not good at recruiting, and to seasoned MLM pros alike.

Based on the settings above…

When a user sends others to your MLM recruiting site using their referral link and gets three new sign ups, the next sign up will become their fourth leg front level to them in the matrix! This allows you to reward those that are actively recruiting using your MLM recruiting site. Then when they refer three more new users they get a fifth leg and the process repeats until the maximum width setting is reached. (IMPORTANT! Each new leg is now eligible for overflow in the matrix.)

After the maximum width is reached all future referrals will be placed under the next available position in their matrix, top to bottom, left to right, building their downline to infinity!

All of these settings can be set by you as the administrator of the site! Maybe you want a 2 wide 100 maximum width matrix with a referral requirement of 20… The possibilities are endless.

If You’re Ready For Success…

Build a BIGGER MLM Team Today!

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